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AA and the sacrament of loving one another

Well, as I explained with a raspy voice to our wonderful friends on Sunday, doing this series on AA at the Jesus Creed blog of Scot McKnight, has helped me so much. As has having some time to think and talk with our friends from Gainesville, the Galiones. Even being sick lately has given more time for prayer and meditation!… Read more →

Friends of Bill W. (and Scot M.)

At our Wednesday LOL group, we’re beginning a series on the 12 steps, looking at one step, in turn, each week. Here is what we looked at in our first meeting on Step One. Also, I’m beginning a series on what the Church can learn from 12 step groups at Scot McKight’s blog, the Jesus Creed.  I’ve long been an admirer of Scot… Read more →

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