• Most every Wednesday night, from 7:30pm until about 10pm, we meet at the Freemans’ house for our “Life of Love” group, or “LOL” as we’ve come to call it.  The core of the meeting is run as a support group for people who want to grow in love.  We often start that portion of the meeting after some hanging out and maybe a few songs.  We often close the meeting with the Lord’s Prayer.  Contact us for directions and any details.
  • The default worship gathering for our group is Sunday morning, usually at Kelsey Park in Lake Park, at the large pavilion that is at the center of the playground, on the east/waterfront section of the park, but for the summer we’re often at one of our homes.  When at the park, we encourage folks to get there early to pray and worship individually or with others as they sit or stroll through the park and take in the ways that creation reflects God’s beauty, genius and care.  We begin to gather around the pavilion at 9:45am, often with some food and catching up.  We then discuss something posted here on the blog during the week or some other topic or one or more readings from the Daily Office (from the Anglican Church’s Book of Common Prayer or Common Worship), or something similar, while the kids either hang with us or, more often, play on the playground around us.  We then generally close with singing and/or prayer at 11am, with the kids frequently joining in, if not leading the way.
  • The first weekend of each calendar month is our “First of All” weekend, in which we forgo a typical worship gathering and dedicate our Sunday gathering to worship and prayer. This helps us remember and practice several of our priorities and convictions, especially around the greatest commandments, which are to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love others as ourselves. We seek to begin each month by worshiping him, casting all our cares on him, and interceding for many others. In light of God’s love and power, and the access Jesus has granted us to God, we feel this is a good and appropriate way to begin each month.
  • Occasionally we may cancel our typical Sunday gathering and meet elsewhere, whether for worship, a shared meal, or to serve the community. Please contact us if you have any questions about where we will be for a given week.