Trusting God’s Passion

As many of you know, I’ve struggled from time to time with the forgiveness and acceptance of God. One of the great benefits of listening to folks in recovery, at least for me, is that it dispels so much of the isolation that surrounds the things or failures we’re ashamed about. It’s the interior feelings of shame–that we ought to… Read more →

“First of all”

For the second time in the last few months, God brought the following passage home to me from I Timothy. Interestingly, in many bibles this section (of a letter written by Paul to his young pastor apprentice, Timothy) is titled “Instructions for Worship:” I urge you, first of all, to pray for all people. Ask God to help them; intercede… Read more →

The One Spirit

In light of some of what we’ve discussed recently, I wanted to republish a post I put up years ago. The content remains something I want to pursue at Life Support: “Gifts of the Spirit” What do you think about when you hear that? Go ahead and get a few pictures and concepts in mind. “Fruit of the Spirit” What… Read more →

Solitude, Community, Ministry

An article by Henri J. M. Nouwen has circulated through some parts of our community, and I wanted to pass it along for all of us to take in.  (Thanks, John, for passing it on).  As we try to let the labels of “beloved” and “missionary” shape us, this article could be very helpful to some of us.  See you… Read more →

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